Broker’s Note

In Broker's Note

Happy New Year! We had a busy 2014 at Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty, as together our team completed many real estate transactions. We held the hands of nervous first time homeowners, we helped corporate executives relocate, we assisted astute investors and last but not least we put keys to dream properties in the hands of Jamaicans coming home after decades in the cold.

Our hope is to continue on the same path for 2015 and this New Year is already allowing us the promise of new possibilities. Our motto at Coldwell Banker is “we never stop moving” and to kick off 2015 we are proud to announce the opening of our South coast office in Spur Tree, Mandeville. We are prepped and ready to take our energy to clients in central Jamaica, as over the past few years we have watched the market there grow.

If 2015 shapes up to be anything like 2014, then our team will have a lot to smile about, as last year our sales figures were up by 20% more than the previous year. These results display the true power behind Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty: its agents. In a challenging economy, our agents recognize that you have to work twice as hard to achieve higher goals and they are doing it!

This publication of KÚYA marks its 10th issue. Over the last three years, we hope we’ve shown you a new perspective on the Jamaican real estate market and allowed you to see what we truly believe, that in spite of its challenges, Jamaica is the best and most diverse island in the Caribbean!

Fourteen years ago, at the start of a new year I had a vision to take on a challenge and go after one of my dreams to own a Coldwell Banker franchise. While in pursuit of this dream I met Jim Reed, managing director for Coldwell Banker Island Affiliates, who took a chance on me and helped me to obtain this franchise when I only had a 300 square foot space and three agents. Jim passed on in the latter part of last year, so I would like to use this opportunity to pay tribute to a great man and founding member of the Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty team.

And finally as we move forward in 2015 please remember to keep the name Coldwell Banker fresh in your mind as you look for a property to buy, lease or rent. Visit our website for new listings, check out our Facebook page and of course continue to read KÚYA in the months to come.

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