Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty Opens Office in Manchester

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southcoast_teamNarrow, winding roads comb through the vast, Jamaican countryside, past sleepy villages and historic towns. Far removed from cluttered, urban spaces, the South coast is a refreshing escape to scenic plains overrun by green shrubbery, colourful flora and lofty trees. Here, the smog choked atmosphere gives way to clean, crisp air; the built environment cowers before the pristine, natural terrain. The beauty is undeniable and it’s little wonder individuals want to live here, work here and invest here.

“As temperatures continue to rise, you’re going to find more and more Jamaicans looking to the South coast with its cooler weather and lush landscape,” shares Andrew Issa, Agency Director for Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty. “The demand for this area will increase and we hope to play our part in creating sustainable, eco-friendly developments, whichattractinternationalbuyers,”Issaexplains.

And now, the land of rolling mountains, red soil and limestone, is home to Coldwell Banker. Just beyond the slopes of Mandeville, the realty’s newest office sits on a hilltop with 360° views of the surrounding bauxite lands. Built in the early 1930s, the vernacular- styled, Jamaican cottage is beaming with its original character,

boasting a quaint porch with intricate fretwork, and indoors, charming bay windows overlook the main road. The former pink house on the hill is now clad in Coldwell Banker’s distinct blue and white colour palette and the one-time candle factory is now ready to sell the Jamaican South coast.

“I think Coldwell Banker’s Spur Tree office is going to bring business to Mandeville and to wider Manchester and anything that brings business will only be good for us,” explains Sally Porteous, Custos of Manchester. “I believe it’s a very innovative idea to come to our parish and we are always happy to see new people here,” she shares.

With improvements in critical infrastructure and the gradual pickup of the economy, forecasts suggest increased activity in the area’s real estate market, particularly in Southern St Elizabeth. Though pot- hole filled motorways continue to crisscross the island’s Southern tip, travel woes have been partially eased by the construction and planned expansion of Highway 2000 and the opening of the Lionel Densham Aerodrome in Treasure Beach. These noteworthy gains in the transport system have already translated into greater investment in the region’s luxury villa portfolio within the last five years.

“The South coast is a desirable place for investors who are seeking the authentic Jamaica,” says Jason Henzell, owner of Jake’s. “The introduction of sports tourism has brought new investors to this part of the country and future emphasis on agro tourism, with more farm tours, food festivals and farm to table experiences, will attract additional visitors,” he reveals.

With its idyllic location along the South coast corridor, Coldwell Banker sees its Spur Tree office as more than an outpost for selling real estate in Manchester, St Elizabeth and Westmoreland. In the months ahead, the company plans to transform its rural, three quarter acre property into a multi-faceted space. Decked with a chic, Internet café and small farmer’s market, the property will function as a picturesque haunt for travelers, a cozy retreat to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and purchase fresh, local produce and, of course, buy real estate.

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