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Between the chirping of the birds, crashing of the waves and the vibrant hues in the surroundings, GoldenEye is the perfect North coast hideway. Decades ago, Noel Coward reflected that his stay at GoldenEye was the happiest two months he had ever had. It may seem clich., but once one steps through the lobby and sees the expansive view of the Caribbean Sea, there’s an immediate reaction of not wanting to leave and its quite possible that this feeling never goes away.

The resort is perfection. GoldenEye is located in Oracabessa, St Mary and has an exceptional history. The property was purchased by British Naval commander Ian Fleming in 1946 and named it after a secret WWII mission. It was here that Fleming penned all of the James Bond novels and where he lived until his death in 1964. Chris Blackwell later purchased the property and realized a vision

for creating a boutique resort by expanding the property and carefully integrating lagoon and beach cottages all while preserving Jamaica’s natural beauty. The centerpiece of the property is the fouracre lagoon that is perfect for exploring above or below the surface. The main beach, Low Cay, is a white sand haven. The resort has multiple pools including the iconic GoldenEye saltwater pool that extends towards the bay.

Entertainment options at the resort are endless — from tennis and a variety of watersports to walking trails and several different choice of places to swim.

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