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In one of their most famous international campaigns advertising Jamaica, the Jamaica Tourist Board once used the tagline, “once you go, you’ll know”. This same slogan can easily be applied to the experience at the Caves. Located on the cli s in Negril’s West End, The Caves transports you to the Caribbean’s version of a Greek paradise.

Designed by Bertram Saulter and his late interior decorator wife Greer-Ann, the property was opened in 1997 and was intended as a shared retreat for a group of friends. In collaboration with Chris Blackwell, the property later became a part of the exclusive Island Outpost portfolio. Featuring 12 cottages with a total of 17 rooms, the layout of the resort provides a level of intimacy and privacy that you’d be hard pressed to nd in many other places.

The property consists of two acres on the cli -side, with another eight acres across the road. For convenience, both sides are connected by an underground tunnel. The interior portion of the property is home to the resort’s organic farm as well as the property’s largest villa, Clandestino. This private villa has three bedrooms as well its own pool, private garden and sta . This larger portion of the property also provides the opportunity for expansion for additional rooms and amenities.

The cottages on the cli s are all unique. Instead of numbers, each cottage has a whimsical name and the elements of the name carried throughout its design (Butter y cottage is all about butter ies and then there is Moon Shadow; the name says it all. These rooms are all simple and cozy, but feature a sense of openness thanks to the window features that let the outside and sea views in, while maintaining privacy.

Outside of the rooms, there are communal areas for dining and socializing, as well as a separate bar area, The Sands, that is open to the public on certain days. But regardless of where one is on the grounds, there’s a feeling that it was designed just for you and your friends as your own personal enclave.

The resort also o ers a sense of adventure thanks to its cli -side location providing many levels and labyrinths to explore as you descend towards the Caribbean Sea, and if you dare, experience the exhilaration of diving into the water from any of the jump points situated around the property. Whether you venture below the surface of the bright blue sea with your dive/snorkel gear, or explore above by kayak, there is no tiring of the extreme turquoise waters that surround Negril’s West End.

In perfect unison to the vibrancy of the sea, the resort also provides the perfect vantage point for absorbing the ery sunsets of Jamaica’s South coast. A Negril sunset is an experience in itself as you watch the sun dip below the sea releasing the day’s last vibrant rays of orange light on the horizon. Thankfully, the property o ers you your own front-row seat to this, one of nature’s greatest gifts.

But it’s not just the location of The Caves that provides the magic. It’s the sincere and unpretentious hospitality from its team. As an all-inclusive property, the resort achieves a high level of service.

The culinary experience follows suit. Simple, creative, and delicious. With an ever evolving menu, guests are treated to incredible pairings of Jamaican and international cuisine. As Karen Allen, General Manager of the resort says, “all meals are designed to complement each other”. Natural and healthy ingredients are sourced from its own property, local vendors, as well as Chris Blackwell’s Pantrepant organic farm.

Your dinner experience can be further enhanced by dining privately within one of the resorts actual caves. As if chasing the sunset below the horizon, you can venture beneath the property to your own grotto, lit by candles and decorated with fresh owers for your own private dining experience. This is also where you’ll feel the true power of the sea, as the water crashes against the rocks, rushing through the many crevices creating an explosion of sounds that mimics an echo from the earth’s core. This is an experience unlike any other, and according to Allen, has been listed as one of the top ten things to do before you die.

The resort is also home to its own spa, which has been rated as one of the top ve spas in Jamaica. According to Allen, this is a full “elemental” sanctuary, where you can arrange to be treated in a cabana, outdoors in the sun, or even a candle-lit cave. The spa’s philosophy focuses on restoring the body to its natural balance and uses Aveda products to enhance the treatment.

The Caves’ resort is romantic. It’s an experience that enhances your senses on all levels. It’s private, sensual and allows you to embrace the rejuvenating elements of Caribbean living. And for those who remember, it also preserves the experience of a Negril that once was. A haven to rekindle romance or to reconnect with one’s self in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

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