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The air is clearer at Silent Waters villa. The evocative essence of patchouli subtly perfumes the musky, silently strong air. And despite the cold front that is moving across the island, we are told that it’s always cooler here at Silent Waters. As the car climbs the steep driveway lined with miniature tiki huts with twinkling lights, the humidity lifts and we ascend to what is arguably the most luxurious private property in Jamaica. Loved by some of the island’s most discerning guests (including Alicia Keys, Natalie Cole, Kim Cattrall, a %eet of NFL stars and Star Jones who hosted her elaborate 40th birthday bash here), Silent Waters remains a coveted destination for those looking for complete serenity, privacy and tranquility.

Tucked away in the notoriously private estate of Great River Private, the award-winning Silent Waters villa is an intimate yet sprawling haven of 18 acres that houses 12 buildings, an 80-foot in!nity swimming pool, a tennis court and a helipad. Great River Private is an enclave for exclusivity, located just moments away from Round Hill, with easy access to Montego Bay and the Sangster International Airport. Originally a pimento farm, the 200-acre Great River Private property currently houses 21 spectacular villas. Development started in the early 1950s, when an international crowd was drawn to the area and when the !rst home was built by the famous American family, the du Ponts.

Surrounded by noramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the Great River Valley that drops down towards Great River, Silent Waters is situated 850 feet above sea level, at the crest of Great River Private. It is a seclusion that will enable you to watch the clouds lingering sleepily on the mountaintop if you rise early and you will hear the distant roar of the river as it makes its way from St. Elizabeth to Sandy Bay in Hanover all day. But while this unique island location and the !ne Caribbean menu may remind you that you are in Jamaica, you would be forgiven for thinking that you have been transported to Bali, once you step through the grand, intricately carved doors.

The owners, a couple from Chicago, were equally inspired by Jamaica, as they were by the Far East. All of the furnishings were imported from Bali, from the statuesque 17th century Buddhist attendants that were transplanted from a Buddhist Temple in Mandalay, Burma (now Myanmar) and now stand guard in the pavilion; to the 18th century Buddhist Bible Chest from the Chiang Mai area of Thailand; and the 17th century temple bell. These pieces, along with the expansive and charming collection of Buddhist, Hindu subjects and God statues, are a testament to the authenticity and e#ort by the owners when choosing every piece of art. The design of the furniture was inspired by the Chinese Ming Dynasty and produced from premium quality teak in Batubulan, Indonesia.

Silent Waters is a thoughtfully created home. It was built 12 years ago by the Jamaican-based building company Ma#essanti Builders and Contractors and designed by noted Chicago architect Tom Reed (who also designed villa

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