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    Federal jury convicts east Idaho man on anabolic steroid charges | East Idaho News primobolan depot for sale

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    Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honored Trainer of the Russian Federation B.F. Vashlyaev International Class Master of Sports I.R. Vashlyaeva Master of Sports of international class TA Shachkova

    Ekaterinburg branch of the Ural State University of Physical Education, Ekaterinburg

    Honored trainer of the Russian Federation B.P. Miroshnikov

    Ural State Technical University, Yekaterinburg

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    B.F. Vashlyaev, honored trainer of the RF, associate professor, Ph.D., I.R. Vashlyaeva, world-class athlete, T.A. Shachkova, world-class athlete, Ekaterinburg B.P. Miroshnikov, honored trainer of the RF, Ural state technical university, Ekaterinburg

    anaerobic energy supply

    Key words: interval training, adaptive reserves, training interval, energy supply, desensitization to lactate, speed-power endurance, failure of adaptation.

    It was a law.

    The organization of the research. It’s not clear that there has been a pattern of training. Followed by conclusions of the conclusions:

    1. Variability of power and time of training intervals is determined by the total bloodstream.

    2. The interval training guidelines are the following:


    – exclusion of local muscle fatigue;

    Anabolic Steroids & On-Cycle Protection | IronMag Bodybuilding Blog

    – increase rates for training intervals.

    3. The following are the following:

    – development of competitive dynamic stereotype;

    – increase of special NATURAL BODYBUILDING – HOW TO START WITHOUT STEROIDS – Blue Mountain Spring Water speed-power endurance.

    4. can be the following:

    It has been a great deal of effort to adapt.

    5. Physical and physical activity.

    Key words: interval training, adaptation reserves, training segment, energy supply, lactate desensitization, speed-strength endurance, failure to adapt.

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    Introduction Motor activity in modern sports in many disciplines is becoming more and more speed-power character with increasing coordination complexity of movements. At the same time, a contradiction appears in the energy supply of competitive and training lockers. Namely, if at competitions in speed-strength disciplines a high proportion of anaerobic energy supply is unavoidable, then training should be conducted mainly in the aerobic mode. At the same time, interval training, which is strictly regulated by repeated repetition of relatively short training stretches through relatively short rest pauses, can meet these contradictory requirements, which has been described and well known many times. Interval training is best to include special or specialized exercises.

    However, our long-term practice of interval training has led to both very successful performances and deep and long-lasting breakdowns of adaptation. Obviously, interval training, like any high-performance technology, can be dangerous if misused.

    In the methodical literature, various options (special cases) of interval training are described without, in our opinion, sufficient coverage of the scientific laws that determine it. This turns the interval training into a methodical pattern with the above effects.

    The purpose of the study was to determine the reasons for the success and danger of interval training, and its objectives are the following:

    1) identify the criteria for the variation of the load in the interval training;

    2) to justify the methodological requirements for interval training;

    Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, And OBS Revise Anabolic Steroid Policy – Horse Racing News | Paulick Report

    3) determine the causes of the positive effect of interval training;

    4) identify the causes of the possible negative effect of interval training;

    5) to consider cases of practical application of interval training.

    Theoretical analysis. In the process of performing an interval workout, trainers often make the following methodological mistakes:

    1) work out the competitive movement, not paying attention to the glycolysis that has appeared;

    2) reduce the pace of a single exercise.

    In the first case, coaches are convinced that athletes must fully simulate competitive activity in training and “tolerate” hypoxia. But “getting into glycolysis” leads to the expenditure of adaptive reserves of the body and, moreover, the acquisition of the ability to even more vigorous spending them with further similar influences [7]. Muscle cells respond to the lack of aerobic energy supply activities by limiting the mobilization of their capabilities. This is the acquisition of fitness – the conditions for successful performance in competitions. However, any reserve is not infinite, and the sports uniform is lost at the end of the competitive period. With a significant participation of glycolysis in the energy supply of training in the preparatory period, the forcing of sportswear develops. As a result, an “unexpected” decline occurs in the athlete’s fitness, the way out of which is poorly managed.

    In another case, coaches deliberately distort the competitive dynamic motor stereotype. In this case, the inertial forces created at the competitive pace of locomotion disappear from the sphere of regulation of movements. In addition, specific musculoskeletal reactions develop, not corresponding to competitive activity [6].

    The energy metabolism of the muscles tri trenbolone 150 that is formed in both cases does not allow the athlete to show speed-strength endurance determined by the simultaneous flow of anaerobic and aerobic processes of energy supply of movements [3].

    In this case, we note that in the literature there are guidelines for the aerobization of energy supply of competitive activities. However, there should not be a trim here, since the oxidative energy supply is about twice as inferior to glycolysis and it will not be enough for competitions in disciplines that require speed-strength endurance. Only glycolytic energy can support the speed-strength nature of the work on endurance [4]. Anaerobic glycolysis has a significant share in the energy supply of endurance work. Glycolysis and glycogen mobilization finally become the preferred way of energy supply when operating at medium intensity [8].

    While the duration of exposure – the main condition for the emergence of adaptation, both options, as containing errors, deprive the meaning of the implementation of bulk training loads [7]. It is in response to long-term unidirectional training effects that an athlete forms a concentrated training effect. This concerns not only biological processes, but also the human psyche. The most effective motor activity that occurs when the psyche is distracted from the volitional control of locomotion and related sensations [1]. This also can and should be taught in interval training.

    Bodybuilding Motivation – It’s a Lifestyle

    So, when constructing an interval training, you must simultaneously fulfill the following conditions:

    – duration of exposure;

    The Role of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids in Disruption of the Physiological Function in Discrete Areas of the Central Nervous System

    – competitive movement structure;

    energy supply training

    – anaerobic energy supply of movements;

    – aerobic energy training;

    – decrease in volitional control over movements and sensations.

    N.I. Volkov, S.V. Ionov [2] indicate an increase in the influence of the anaerobic training factor with each jump in results in sports disciplines related to endurance. In this aspect, the authors show the evolution of training methods for the development of endurance from uniform long-term work to interval training.

    I must say that in practice, increased intensity of movements is associated among coaches and athletes with an increase in the intensity of training in general. But the criterion of intensity is primarily the energy supply of the movements. It can be seen from the figure that, depending on the stage tasks of preparation, the intensity of interval training can be limited to the duration of the working segment up to the anaerobic metabolism threshold (ANSP) or to critical power (L crit).

    Moreover, the higher the work capacity, the greater the proportion of glycolysis in the energy supply of individual movements and the shorter the training segment should be in order to prevent further development of glycolysis. Insufficient rest time between repetitions of increased power loads translates the energy supply of training into the glycolytic “channel”. Thus, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the differentiated energy supply of a separate training segment (exercise) and the integrated energy supply of the training as a whole.

    Perhaps a different ratio of the duration of the segments of work and rest, provided that the integrated concentration of lactate does not exceed the threshold values ​​of ANSP or N critical. When the critical N is exceeded, oxidative processes in the muscles begin to be disturbed, which ultimately will lead to a decrease in endurance and breakdown of adaptation.

    As an athlete performs more and more repetitions of the load, interval training becomes more and more aerobic. In work with qualified athletes, we repeatedly observed how the concentration of lactate from 6-8 mmol / l at 3-4-m repetitions decreased to 4 mmol / l at 18-20-m repetition.

    without reducing the power of work. In our practice, athletes successfully performed up to 40 repetitions Natural Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding World, and the training lasted up to 3 hours with a short break.

    Thus, the duration of the interval training is guaranteed by the AER.

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