Optimism is on the rise again, as brick by solid brick, new buildings are appearing in the heart of Kingston. Architecture is soaring upwards in a skyline which has lain fairly dormant for over more than three decades.

KÚYA estimates that by mid-year 2019, there will be at least 400 new residential units on the market in Kingston, all clustered in high
rises, with additional living space in new hotel rooms which are also expanding the city’s inventory.

These new high rise developments in Kingston are the result of changes in policy, greater investor confidence, and also the new requirements of a younger generation. Architect Christopher Whyms-Stone of Cornerstone Design Limited told KÚYA, “It is more than maximizing landscape. One of the main
reasons I believe this is because there has been a shift in government policy to increase densities in urban areas.” Whyms-Stone says that
he is delighted at the notion of all of this new development. “I am pro multi-story in urban areas,” he says. For those buildings which make it through the approval stage and past the scrutiny of the Real Estate Board, designs are leaning more towards multi-storey buildings offering first world amenities.

Developer Roberto Clivio says that the trend towards high rises has more to do with the coming of age of new, younger buyers in the real estate market. “I think the resurgence of high rise and other developments in Kingston reflects the perception of developers that there is a growing, mostly younger
clientele which is attracted to a more modern lifestyle where convenience and proximity to amenities are important,” Clivio states.

“In the larger metropolitan cities this has been happening for some time and even in cities which were traditionally spread out, one sees the emergence
of high rise clusters (examples are midtown and downtown Dadeland amongst others in Miami) that combine residential and lifestyle activities within
walking distance,” Clivio adds.