by Raquel Parke || photography by Corey Hamilton

Tucked away ever so neatly in the garden parish of St Ann, Old Fort Bay has virtually remained a hidden vacation playground to those in the know. Villa Lido may appear to be the new kid on the beach there, but her history is steep. In fact she was ‘quietly’ one of the original holiday homes built here in
the 1950s, and graciously hidden in her very pretty mystery. The first generation of the family to grace Lido guarded their privacy, and we can’t really blame them. The white sand bay beach with its warm turquoise water, offers unrivaled swimming. The location also sits perfectly in the middle of the island’s north coast. This was and still is three generations later, their haven getaway for family time.

When a granddaughter inherited the holiday home, she and her husband began a complete rebuild. He hails from the world of film and music, with design credits including Ace Ventura and There’s Something About Mary. Armed with an eye for beauty and an ear for music, he has immersed a cinematic
experience into this space by designing every detail to simplistic perfection.

For the couple, saving the villa’s legacy became a labour of love they affectionately called “a lido of love”. There is no better time to introduce what they have to offer, as the world needs this escape, to unwind and restore. The owners facilitate by taking the inside spaces out, and bringing the outside spaces in. A
complement of five en suite (all considered primary) bedrooms, with large verandahs overlooking views of the Caribbean Sea, every guest has equal standing to fulfill a holiday dream. Masterfully crafted, the owners were determined to give nature, and their family’s history, every consideration. Couple this with an ethos of time honoured traditions and Lido’s world embraces your mostbeloved summer movie with a contemporary twist.